January 30, 2008

lizard heart kite

lizard heart kite necklace

steph was here for a few days last week. while she was here we made a few necklaces inspired by 1980's rainbow leg warmers. we gave each piece a fun name like 'lizard heart kite', 'horny eye suspenders' and 'crowned hornster'. we had too much fun!

steph working in my studio with splotch.

miss you steph!

January 29, 2008

We're inspired!

I am indeed inspired by you, Meesh.  And also, thanks to you, we will have the new site and shopping experience in the months ahead - designated for our collaborative work!

January 28, 2008


superstar neckpiece - photo by tom eichler

steph and i are excited to announce we have many new collaborative projects in the works for 2008.

we just spent a few days together creating several new pieces such as 'lizard heart kite'. each of us agree we haven't been this inspired for a very long time.

this blog will be our tool to keep you informed of any news on the Hearts and Bones front.