March 28, 2009

Puerto Vallarta adventures

We are having the time of our lives in Mexico - trying to speak Spanish even when the Mexicans respond in English, learning that the workshop participants are of a similar mindset (a little perverted and silly), and making colorful and extraordinarily inspired pieces of jewelry. We have made a few pieces of our own too...but we will have to wait until we get home to load those photos.
Meesh and I have been taking the bus back and forth from town (even though the bus starts to move when we are still hanging out of the door). We have collected a load of small kitchy treasures and a few classically executed local crafts. We have had many Pina Coladas and several bowls of tortilla soup. (Ernesto's is still the best soup I've had anywhere!)
My skin is warm. It's sad that I will have to go home and wear shoes for another few months until it is warm in Maine. But Meesh's photos will help to rememeber the trip fondly.